Trailrunning and orienteering

Trailrunning and orienteering


Trailrunning is an activity very appreciated at the moment.
This is probably because of the discovering of different patrimonial sites and it brings magnificent views as well...
In fact, it is a soft activity - when compared with normal running courses - which gives you lots of fresh air and a form of rest (at least for your spirit).

Millau is perfect for trails with courses as the Grand Course des Templiers in October, the Verticausse in March and la Ronde des Cabanières in April and with sites as the gorges of the Tarn, the Dourbie, the Jonte and the Larzac, Noir, Méjean and Sauveterre causses.

We propose an approach with trailrunning and nordic walking adapted to your level and skills, so you can discover these activities or train yourself.

There are possibilities for these activities during the whole year as we provide the right equipment and knowledge.


  • Know how to read a map
  • Understanding indicators of a cartographer
  • Defining a deplacement strategy and approaching signposts
  • This all is fascinating!
  • Therefore, we use different touls like maps, compasses and GPS.


Group price - at least 8 people: € 27 p.p.

Les tarifs ci-dessous s’entendent durant la période de juillet et août. Pour obtenir des cotations hors juillet/août, merci de nous consulter.

Mode de paiement acceptés :
Espèces / Chèque / CB uniquement via la réservation en ligne.

Infos pratiques

  • From 6 years
  • It is possible to make videos and photos
  • The activity is guided by a state-certified instructor
  • There are possibilities for this activity during the whole year
  • You should make a reservation for at least 8 people out of July and August
  • Liability insurance is included
  • Transport is not included (but there are possibilities if necessary)
  • You should take a pair of trainers, gloves and clothing adapted to the weather with you

Lieu de rendez-vous

Base Roc et Canyon à Millau
155 avenue de l'Aigoual
Située au centre de la zone des campings, contiguë au restaurant Le Pic Vert.)

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Roc et Canyon
Base Loisirs (Rond-point de la confluence)
155 avenue de l'Aigoual - 12100 Millau
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