Canoeing / Frenzy

Canoeing : Vallée du Tarn (the Viaduc of Millau) and the Gorges de la Dourbie

Tracks on the Gorges de la Dourbie and Vallée du Tarn

  • The Dourbie and the Tarn: 2 rivers situated in the Aveyron which are navigable during the whole year.
  • Different and yet complementary, both rivers offer different natural sites. Choose your river!
  • It's up to you when you want to navigate on which river and whether you take a double or a single boat.

Our advantages :

+ We borrow you the equipment: windbreaks, wetsuits, barrels, shoes...
+ Renting for the whole day
+ Different beaches where you can have a picknick
+ Private parking
+ Toilets
+ Snackpoint with sandwiches
+ Selling equipment
+ Advice...

Canoe renting for the Tarn / passing under the Viaduc of Millau

  • You can do the 9 km and the 15 km during the whole year (at reservation during low season)
  • Difficulty: I-II
  • During the same hours as the Dourbie

Meeting is always at our summer base at the roundabout - 155 avenue de l'Aigoual in Millau
The finishing points are indicated on the board
While giving you the equipment, we will fix an hour to pick you up after the canoe trip.

When canoeing over the Tarn, you will pass the 'old Millau' and you will pass under the famous Viaduc.
Also, you will see the famous village Peyre and the house of truffles at Compregnac.

Note that you can combine 2 tracks of 32 km in total: Dourbie + Tarn. In this case you should contact a campsite in Millau to sleep over.

Canoe renting for the Dourbie

  • The tracks of 5, 8 and 13 km are open during the whole year and the 17 km track is open only during the summer.
  • Out of July and August only possible when making a reservation.
  • Difficulty: I to III, depending on the track
  • Canoe navigation between 10H and 18H (or between 9H30 and 19H in July and August).

Meeting is at our base in Millau, in the centre of the campsites, next to restaurant La Pouncho (155, avenue de l'Aigoual).
Choose a track,
Take our shuttle service that will bring you to the departure,
You can take your time for the canoe trip as you rent the boat for the whole day.

This means that you can take a picnic with you or that you can pick one of the beaches for sunbathing.


Individual (summer): from € 17. This will depend on the boat (single or double) and the track.
Group (summer) - at least 10 people: from € 16 to € 26, depending on the boat and the track.

Package for guidance by a state-certified instructor (1 instructor for a group of 8 to 16 people):
For 5 km: € 170 and for 8 km: € 190 + the canoe rental price.

These are the prices during July and August. Contact us for the prices out of this period.

Payment method :
Cash and for the vouchers on our website : creditcard.

Practical information

  • From 5 years
  • You must be able to swim
  • You must wear shoes
  • You can borrow a waterproof barrel
  • You can borrow a wetsuit
  • It is possible to be guided by a state-licenced instructor.
  • Liability insurance included.
  • Reservations out of July and August for at least 8 people
  • Shuttle service is included.

Meeting Place

Base Roc and Canyon in Millau
155 avenue de l'Aigoual
Located in the centre of the campsites area, adjoining the restaurant La Pouncho.

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