Canyoning / River Trekking

River Trekking / Canyoning

Canyoning without ropes

Canyoning without ropes traces back to canyoning. The difference: the usage of technical equipment.

Canyoning without ropes is more easy to practise.
Stay in the water if you want to avoid difficult parts; like the high jumps.

The activity is less technical but fun for everyone: the water rats can stay in the water while others can avoid high jumps by moving on the riverbanks.

A perfect activity for families or for mixed groups (because it has fun parts for everyone!)

We propose you different tracks and sites, from beginners level to advanced. Ask us about


When canyoning, you are moving forward in the water during approximately two hours.
This activity includes:

  • swimming in white water
  • abseiling from (high) rocks
  • natural water slides
  • swimming
  • discovering waterfalls

When practising canyoning, ropes must be used for abseiling or to continue the track.


Canyon without ropes: individual (summer): € 40 p.p. and group (10 people minimum): € 38 p.p.
Canyon: individual (summer): € 48 p.p. and group (10 people minimum): € 45 p.p.

These are the prices during July and August. Contact us for the prices out of this period.

Payment method :
Cash and for the vouchers on our website : creditcard.

Practical information

  • For everyone from 35 kg
  • You must be able to swim
  • Canyoning for everyone from 12 years
  • At reservation
  • Take a pair of trainers and your swimsuit
  • We will give you the wetsuit and other equipment
  • The activity is guided by a state-licenced instructor
  • Liability insurance included
  • Transport is not included (but if necessary, it might be possible)
  • It is possible to take photos with a waterproof camera
  • We meet at our base or we can fix another place to meet

Meeting Place

Base Roc and Canyon in Millau
155 avenue de l'Aigoual
Located in the centre of the campsites area, adjoining the restaurant La Pouncho.

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Roc et Canyon
Base Loisirs (Rond-point de la confluence)
155 avenue de l'Aigoual - 12100 Millau
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